Dynapower McAL Chemicals

Dynapower McAL Chemicals

On the 15th August 2016, Alston Shipping Ltd was informed that a transformer scheduled to be air freighted weighed 1430kg with the enclosed dimensions being 3.5ft * 6ft *5ft. Initially, the client received a competitively priced quotation. However, Alston Shipping was able to obtain an even lower rate than submitted and save the client an estimated thirty percent.

Approximately three months later on the 15th November 2016, it was discovered that the transformer actually weighed 3,538kg, a difference of 2,108 kg. The enclosed dimensions had also increased to 6ft 8inches * 4ft 5 inches * 5ft 8inches. The discovery of this new information caused severe problems as specialized equipment would now have to be used to ship the item due to the major weight increase.

However, because Alston Shipping is a member of the Universal Freight Organization, they were able to ship and deliver the transformer in as little time as possible. The new quote submitted to air freight the transformer was significantly over the initial estimate. Alston Shipping did not accept this rate and was then able to negotiate an even better one. The agreed upon rate saved the client over thirty-five percent!

Alston Shipping exemplified one of the ANSA McAL mission statements in this scenario by ensuring customer satisfaction through quality performance. Despite being thrown a major curve ball Alston Shipping was able to come out on top, exceeding the clients’ expectations, as the company saved the client thousands of dollars and shipped the item in as little downtime as possible.

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